Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The One Where I Follow Along

So me and my fellow bloggers have spent the past 25 days being thankful. And it will continue for 5 more days. For me it's not the random, thankfulness. My family, my friends, my belongings. I don't know where I've been that I just heard of Ann Voskamp this year and her amazing book One Thousand Gifts, but it happened.
I thought, yea I'd like to read this book. It looked good. It's not fiction and well y'all know that I'm not like my other blogging girls, I don't read much. I'm not in a book club, oh my, the thought of a book club makes me stressed out. Reading with a time limit.... I seriously might be breaking out in hives right.now!
Anyway, I found her blog from another blog, and saw her book and then read some reviews. Because I'm not an avid reader. I'm excited to say I've read two books this year! So I read the reviews to, ya know, sway me from reading her book. But I saw her book at HPB one day and got all giddy I set out to read it. Eeeeek... 5 more days of November left and I'm not finish and she has another book out that I want to read in December!
Anyway, it's a great book about living in the moment. Right now. What can you find to be grateful for, where you are in the mundane. In Dinner and Dishes and Diapers. In the hard, In things seen out your window, In things Sweet, Salty and Sipped, In things Handmade, Held and Happy, In things Silent, In things Golden, In Things Ugly, In things Beautiful, In All Things....
I Thessalonians 5:16-18 Rejoice Always Pray Without Ceasing Give Thanks In All Circumstances
1000 gifts count on
This is about Blogs I Follow, aside from fitness/running blogs. Since this month is about Thankfulness. I want to take this time to give thanks for these ladies who I don't know in person, feel like I've known my whole life. Laugh with, Cry with. If I'm honest, Laugh at, Envy just a tad, they write beautifully, witty, inspiring, they write the words that are in my head!
I have a board on Pinterst called Following....Blogs Worth Reading. I have these ladies:
Jen Hatmaker I "met" through my Triple S Blogger Sarah. She posted a link on Facebook, I read it and fell in love with her! Her openness, her hilarity, her spiciness. I don't remember which blog exactly Sarah posted that I latched onto, but I liked her on Facebook and well, I've enjoyed the journey ever since.
This blog is where I found Ann VosKamp. And had to find out what she meant by "what would Ann VosKamp do"?
She and Ann are part of a thing coming up in February that I'm soooo excited for called:
If - Jen Hatmaker
The IF Gathering If God is real, then what?
If you're read here a while and if you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you know that I'm on Instagram. Probably more than the other two mediums. That's how I found Amanda. I'm not sure exactly how I found She Reads Truth. I think I was looking for a devotional to read and looked up under the New tab on YouVersion and saw She Reads Truth. Maybe I saw something on Instagram. I dunno. It's been nearly a year. January 2013 I did my first SRT Study. Wow. Everyone is so... So Good. Speaks right to the heart of the matter. It's like sitting down with a girlfriend.
Anyway, on Instagram in September I started seeing all these #31days hashtags and talk of blogs and this exciting buzz about blogging about 1 topic for 31 days. I'm sure I've always known Amanda has a blog. I mean really in this day and age, doesn't everyone have a blog. I mean I have two! Really more than that but I'm trying to consolidate my blogs into one ....er.... two places. Not all my topics are running worthy and I have another blog for that.... those thoughts or craziness!
Amanda posted her blog and I fell into a must.have.more! Wish.she.was.my.neighbor! We.would.drink.lots.of.coffee! Kind of thing. Love her blog. She seriously hits it. And it's really just her life, but I feel like I'm living it with her. I'll be honest, I didn't at first think I'd have much in common with her (she has small people, twins infact. I have teenagers, well that's the main difference, we're in difference seasons), except SheReadsTruth (duh?! how did I just figure out she's a writer at SRT) and coffee. Oh but isn't that enough! Yes, yes it is!
Her topic was 31 Secrets Moms Keep, hmmmm, sounded good. Some of her posts were funny, Some where insightful, Most were down to the bones honest.
Posts like:
There you have it.... my thankful Pin Up! I'm thankful for these ladies, who speak truth, help me laugh, feel normal that I'm oh so not normal and encourage me to keep on the journey. Life like running is a journey. There are easy days, hard days, days of sprints, long days, days you don't want to repeat, days you wish would go on forever! It's in the journey you figure out who are you, what you're pace is, where you need to be challenged, and what techniques don't work for you.
Enjoy The Journey. Count Your Blessings, They are gifts. It's No Secret, Motherhood is Hard. Find Your Spicy, Don't Look Back (or at the Sweet)

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

#shereadstruth Day 18 Where is your treasure?

When I read this it reminded me of Idol Worship.  I heard a great sermon on this tis year, these are my notes on No Other Gods.

God starts with Himself. Command one. 
No other gods before the One True God. 

God begins with the root of the issue. Idolatry 

I AM. Reminding them. 
Because we're a forgetful people. He just parted the sea. Brought water out from a rock. Manna from heaven. 

But God knows the tendency of the human heart to wander. 

An idol is anything/one that our heart wanders to. Idolatry is the pursuit of that idol. 

1. We all struggle with idolatry 
Don't worship the things that are already there. But also DO NOT make anything either. 

God wants NOTHING to compete for the spiritual attention of his people. 

Exodus 20 is the first time the bible uses these words. Idol worship. 

Israelites are in a perpetual pattern of worshipping god, turning from god, turning back. 

2. We needs to identify our idols. 
Idol: anything our heart wanders to. Idolatry. Is the pursuit of that thing. 

Idols are not bad things that enslave us without our permission that we voluntarily give ourself to. 

What's your greatest fear? 
Single hood 

You're idol is the thing you put your faith in to calm your fear that IS your idol. 

Where do you run for comfort in troubling times? 


If loneliness is my fear - friends become our idol. 

What do you complain about the most? 
Bank account 

What causes you to be angry with God? 

We get angry with God when He doesn't give us our idols. 

He refuses to fashion the golden calf 

If you could have anything what would it be? 

And have you gotten what you really wanted and had the joy ended moments after receiving it? Moments!! 

All things are good as long as it directs our heart toward God. Even a really good cup of coffee. :) 

If your fire has dwindled to embers then you have an idol. 

Idolatry keeps us from the fruit of the spirit. When the idol is in place you gravitate toward the works if the flesh. 

3. God is concerned about idolatry for a good reason. We will become like our idols. 

2 kings 17:15. 
They became the things they worshipped. 
The idols were worthless and they became worthless. 

Our lives should be built on becoming like Christ.

Psalm 56:3 

What you fear reveals what you value the most. What you fear reveals where you trust God the least 

What do you value. 

1. Family/relationships 
2. Money
3. Safety 
4. Acceptance by family, friends, outsiders 

What do you fear? 

Loss of family/relationships, acceptance, money

In order to face the what ifs of fear you must acknowledge your fear (name your idols) and choose to trust God.

#shereadstruth Day 16

Oh how it stings.

James 3:11-12
Colossians 4:6

Speak Evil
Seasoned with Salt

Only one lawgiver
Able to save or destroy
Who Are You?

Pierced, am I.  I am opinionated and critical.

Remember your place - You Are Not The Light.
The job of the Holy Spirit has been filled, no more applicants need apply!

God will convict - this is not your position
God will judge - this is not your position
God will make sin apparent - this is not your position

Do you help or harm?
Is it about your or their well being?

A critical heart is a problem, it usurps God's position.  A critical heart is toxic for your faith because it places you before God in your own eyes.

Speak evil: katalaleo verb
To speak against one, to criminate.

Root: katalalos noun
A Defamer

Gracious: Noah Webster
Favorable, Kind, Expressing kindness, contributing to the happiness of others.

Seasoned: artyo verb
To prepare, to arrange

Root: airo verb
To raise up, lift up, elevate

Salt: halas noun
symbol of lasting concord because it protects and preserves.
wisdom and grace in speech

For some reason this reminds me of Nichole Nordemans song Take Me As I Am:

To wear wisdom like Solomon's robe
For the patience and perspective of a man like Job
Just to soar on wings of eagles
For no other reason than the bird's eye view
For a flight or two
And the list gets longer
Who I wish I was, and was no longer

…..and the list gets longer… between who I wish I was and (want to be) no longer. 

I know that all of this has to do with heart change and of that I'm in desperate need.  Desperate.
I can't be good enough, I want to be.  I'm not.  I fail and fail and fail again.  Yet trying each day to submit,  resist, draw near, receive grace, be humble…..before I am humbled.  

#shereadstruth Day 15

James Study:

More Grace                        Free                   Watches
Proud                                 Open                  Sojourners
Humble                              Lifts                    Upholds
The LORD                        Loves

We are wanderers, faithless, striving, controlling, doubters, idolators, sinners, fighters, takers.

BUT GOD - my favorite phrase in the bible….

I have to start over….every day, every hour, every minute….   Submit, Resist, Draw Near, Be Cleansed (receive grace) Humble Before the Lord.

More: Megas adj.  Greater.
Used of intensity and its degree of splendor, prepared on a grand scale.

Root 1: Megistos adj. Greatest, very great, exceedingly great.
Root 2: Meizon  comparative  Greater.  Larger.  Stronger.

Grace: Charis noun.

1. that which affords joy, pleasure, delight, sweetness, charm

2. Good, well, loving kindness, favor - of the merciful kindness by which God, exerting His Holy influence up on souls, turns them to Christ.
* Keeps Them
* Strengthens Them
* Increases Them in faith, knowledge and affection

3. The spiritual condition of one governed by the power of divine grace.

Proud Hyperephanos adj.
Showing ones self above others.  Overestimate of ones means or merits.  Despising others. Treating them with contempt.  Haughty.

Referece: Proverbs 3:24 in Septuagint.  But in the Hebrew it's not proud but scoffer.

He scoffs at the scoffer, yet He gives grace to the afflicted.

Scoff: luwts verb
To scorn, make mouths at, talk arrogantly, to mock, to boast, to be inflated.

Affliced: anav noun
Poor, humble, afflicted, meek, needy, lowly

Humble: tapeinos adj.
Lowly in spirit

The Lord: Covenant God.

Free: nathar verb
Unfasten, loosen, set free, unbind.

Open: paqach verb To open the eyes specifically.

Lifts: zaqaph verb
used only twice
To raise up - all those bowed down.

those who are bowed down:
Kindred to one being hollow or arched.
Hebrew: Hollow

Watches: shamar verb
To keep, to guard, to keep watch & ward. To Protect, Save life.

Sojourner: Get noun
A temporary inhabitant.
A newcomer lacking inherited rights.

Root: guwr verb
Abide, dwell, inhabit, to be a stranger, to be continuing - surely.

Upholds: uwd verb
To Surround
To go round and round
To restore, relieve

But He gives more grace:
Very great loving kindness.

Treat others better than yourself…. don't treat them with contempt.
Don't mock others or be arrogant.

Get yourself back to your appointed place. See Day 12

Although you journey, continue on, surely.  The Lord keeps watch over you, protects you, saves you.
Stop all this striving, it's just one foot in front of the other, sometimes it's rocky, but keep going.  You are restored, you are supported, there is hope.  Keep on expecting good.