Saturday, August 29, 2009

Some thoughts along the way

Was posting with a friend back and forth about this being a journey. its a journey not a destination. That is what this lifestyle is....when you get down to it, that is what LIFE is. 

You can't (ok, well you can, i can, we all can) live from destination to destination. We can all live by the "I'll be happy when...." bone. But why? Why will you be happy in the future? Why not be happy today! It's Happiness, not Happen-ness, right. I don't mean gleeful, I mean content. 

I heard someone say this one time and its stuck with me. "Its simple, not always easy." 

Being happy today, its simple for me to say. Not always easy to live out. I think, well I'll speak for me. I used to live by "destination." By the "I'll be happy when" bone. Ya know the "wish bone". 

I'll be happy when: 

I'm married 
have kids 
change jobs 
have ____ $$ 

I'll be happy when my kids are outta diapers, walk, talk, can dress themself, feed themself, stop fighting with their brother, start school, get outta school!! 

I'll be happy when I'm 30, 40, 50. 

Oooh how about this....I'll be happy when I'm _______ pounds! When I fit into ____ size. 

Again, why be happy (content) in the future? Why not today? For me it was because I lived by destinations. 

I'm not Noah Webster (yes he really had a first name and an actual purpose for his book google Noah Websters 1828 Dictionary) But here are my definitions of Destination and Journey: 

A destination is where you pack your bags with all your baggage (and I don't mean leather suitcases with wheels or anything else), old junk, old stuff, old you, old everything. You go to your "destination" spot, have a good time, eat too much, drink too much, relax a bit, get sunburned, purchase souveniers (which will be baggage someday) to take back with you to allllll your old stuff. 

A journey is much different. Cuz you leave your "stuff" at the docks. Maybe you take a backpack, but otherwise, its just you, putting one foot in front of the other to the place where you become and when you get to where you "become" you continue on the journey, because becoming isn't a destination. 

Becoming: here i'll get a little bit "greek" on ya! In the greek they have interesting grammar. One part is a present active imperitive (meaning of uncertain affinity), its like this "I see and I keep on seeing." It doesn't stop. Its not on a "walk/run" program, its only running. 

I become and I keep on becoming, taking each change of the road on. The highs the lows, the turns, the rest stops, the places with no decent bathroom, the bumps, the hills, the valleys, the intercestion where the light is too long, the stretch of the road where I put it on cruise control and turn up the radio! Its all a journey. Enjoy your journey to becoming. :) 

Monday, August 3, 2009

August and Everything After

That is the title the one of my favorite albums. The Counting Crows first album. 

Here is the plan for August, I'm still on the Darby Barrios Plan for now, although I'm running more than the plan, when I can; when I can't I go back to walking. I am hoping that August will be a month when I am able to stay on a work out schedule and not have injuries, accidents and the like. 

I am still sore from the June accident, so there is some stuff I just can't do yet. But I do what I can, however slowly it may be, its certainly surely! :) 

MWFS are Run Days. 
T, Th, (sometimes saturdays) are ST days 
I do the Quickfire Challenges when I am (physically) able. 

Today is W5D1 and the rest of the month looks like this: 

Week 5: Walk 3 minutes, then run 12 minutes, then repeat. By the end of the week walk 3 minutes, run 15 minutes, walk until rested, then run the rest of the session. 
Goal by weeks end: a 15-minute running segment. 

Week 6: Walk 5 minutes to begin and end the workout. Run 20 minutes in the middle. 
Goal: 20 minutes of continuous running 

Week 7: Walk 3 minutes to begin and end the workout. Run 24 minutes in the middle. 
Goal: 24 minutes of continuous running 

Week 8: Walk only a block or so to limber up then run the full 30 minutes 

I weighed today, I'm suffering from an overload of sodium this weekend, so the number isn't quite what I'd like for August, but its still out of 140-ville, so Whooo hooo!! And I still measure about the same. I've been consistantly 136.0-136.4, since my lowest weight of July at 135.0 mid-month. 

AUGUST 2009: 
Weight 137.2 (sodium inflated) 
Bust: 38 
Chest: 32 
Waist 31.00 
Belly Button: 32 
Hips: 37.00 
Neck: 14.75 

1/4 inch changes, but much, but its still progress 
1.2 pounds from first of July to first of August. But tomorrow or Wednesday I'll be back down to aroun 135-136. 

GW this month 130. I want to get out of the middle 130's threshhold. I think more water and less sodium will be the key for that. More Fruits and Veggies, less giving into what DH wants for dinner. Stick to the meal plan. I feel better and lose more when I do. 

Its gonna be a hot month, so I'll be swimming more, which means I'll be burning alot more calories. I just need to make sure the calories in are nutritious and not calories for the sake of calories. 

Come on say it with me!! 


Don't jus wish for a new life, weight loss, toned muscles. Go MAKE IT HAPPEN!!