Saturday, January 5, 2013

The One Where It's The First Race Of The Year 2013

First race of the year. I laid out my clothes, shoes, sock, headphones, hat, everything I needed. I looked in my purse to make sure I had gum, headphones, running gloves. I was meeting some other peeps at the RRC so I went to bed early so I could be ready to get there in time to meet them for my ride. It was nice to get a ride down to DRC and be with a group. That's a first for me. I was meeting others down there, my son included. But in my years of DRC races, I've generally driven down there alone. We go there early, hung out, took a few pit stops. It was cold but I was prepared. I'd purchased winter running pants.... I know right... can you believe I said something like that! I generally spend November - February on the treadmill! I saw some folks I know. Jerome, David, Shannon and her friends as well. It was nice to see everyone. My son hadn't arrived yet and we were headed down to the start, so I put his bib back on the table in case he showed up he wouldn't have to hunt me down. I was sad that I didn't see him.... he wasn't responding to texts, so I didn't call in case he was sleeping. He drives quite a ways to get to the DRC, about an hour. The race started a little late and we were off!! I tried to hold back.... I try not to take off only to get tired. I was going along ok and was shocked at my pace. But I wasn't huffing and puffing. It was a comfortable pace for me. So I kept going. Shortly after that I feel a arm on my shoulder.... it's my kiddo!! YAY!! He came!! Late but he came and he ran ahead and said have a great race mom!! OH love that boy of mine! Shortly after that Jerome and David are asking me if I saw him and asked me how I was doing. I said Great!! Ran with them for a bit and then they weaved their way though the crowd to go on the 10K route. I made it to the water stop and got water. I needed a drink because although I had gum in my purse, I didn't actually put it in my mouth! LOL Made it to the turn around, felt great. Sped up. Got some water. And kept on!! This year there were no delusions about the finish line! Thankfully. And the mile markers were out for the 10K so it was easy to keep up with where I was on the path. :) At the 6 mile/2.90 mile marker, I kicked it up a bit.... Finished in 31.31!! 10.01/mm!! One Day Soon I will beat that!! ONE DAY! I met up with my kiddo his fiancé and my friends. The kids took off after a while and my friends were finishing the 10K. We waited for the results and awards. Three of my friends received an age group award!! And my son!! He won 3rd place!! 25.39 was his official time! That's about 4 minutes improvement from last year! WOOT! My time last year was 36.33 3.22 miles This year: 31.52 3.18 miles WOW!! we both improved about 4 minutes!! Just as a reflection: Here's last years blog