Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The One Where I Sign Up For Two Half Marathons

----------------> THIS GIRL!! It's December 13th and I'm already signed up for 2 10Ks: January 5th January 12th And 2 Half Marathons: March 24th The Dallas Rock N Roll Half! May 27th The Patriot I also have already put together a training plan through June because I have another HM The Wounded Warrior June 9th (although I'm not signed up for it yet). I started with the Sports Nutritionist 2 weeks ago and I've already lost 3 pounds! I have visible signs of inches lost and my clothes are fitting well! emoticon Excited for them to be loose! I plan on losing through the holidays. Yes Yes, I will make a pie and have a slice too, but that is all. A Slice! Not days of range overages. I have a few parties to attend and I will follow the smallest plate one trip rule. Use the smallest plate size available and make only one trip. No piled up plate either. Get what you want but leave space between the servings. I'm doing better at finding what works for me in my 5 meals per day and I'm seeing results which is of course emoticon Thank you for all your well wishes and suggestions. I really appreciate it!! I've been officially released from my doctor and the physical therapist. I have approximately 2-3% range and mobility to be exactly the same again! well at least as my right hand anyway. I will have to do my exercises at home for the next 6-8 months to keep up with the muscle memory and mobility. I'll do them for sure!! Well back to the crazy pace of life....

Thursday, December 6, 2012

The One Where I Meet Eve

Sooo, last week I met with Eve. In case you're interested and in the DFW Area 

She weighed me. She measured me. She made me a meal plan. She changed some of my supplements. She had me categorize foods. Yea, literally. 

What I called a protein is actually a fat. Like peanut butter. It's not a protein. If it has more fat grams than protein, it's a fat. sooo no wonder I'm fluffy.... I eat too much fat. 

I was eating too many fruits/carbs at breakfast and not enough the rest of the day. As well as not enough protein. Yes salad is good; but I need more nutrients. 

She changed up my calories and macros. 

1300 calories regardless of exercise. I should have a deficit of about 600 per day. So I really need to be working out more. 

Carbs: 146 (11%) 
Fat: 43 (3%) 
Protein: 81 (6%) 

I have to have a carb a fat and a protein at every meal. And a carb/fat or carb/protein at snacks. 

My meals are broken down like this: 

Breakfast: 333 calories 
Snack: 150 calories 
Lunch: 333 calories 
Snack: 150 calories 
Dinner: 333 calories 

I like the plan. I'm not stuffed after meals but I'm not starving. It's still difficult for me to not eat extra after a hard workout or run. 

Like today I went to two classes. A body pump style class and a spin class! WOOT! I burned over 500 calories. 

I find myself not full after my days worth of meals.... but I'm sticking to the plan. 

The goal is to get me down to 118-120 and about 20-22% body fat. I'm thinking I shouldn't have started this in December. No party foods, no alcohol, no egg nog, no cookies. Just 1300 calories, 5 meals a day. I can go over, but I won't lose as quickly. Or whittle this middle down. 

After I reach my goal I'll be able to up my calories to maintain at around 1800. 

I need ideas though for 333 calorie meals, it'll take me 3-4 months she said to meet my goal. Lunch isn't a problem... it's dinner that I'm having a hard time coming up with meals in the correct calorie range.