The One Where I'm A Runner

The Running Joke Story:
You know the feeling when you open a new box of crayons, the big box, 64 crayons....the excitement, the possibilities, the creativity flowing from you buzzing like electricity thru your veins? Do you remember that feeling? That is how I feel about this healthy journey. The possibilities it creates. A new healthy me, an energetic me, a me that fits into her clothes, ya know the "someday" clothes in the back of the closet, a new box for the 64 crayons!! 

When my annual blood work came back with high cholestoral numbers, borderline bloodsugar numbers and 30 pounds overweight, I decided, it was time. Time to get my life back, my shape back, my strength back, my energy back.

When I was younger I was teeeny tiny, I never had to watch my waist or what I ate. Now that I'm ut-hmmmm, over 39, If I smell donuts I gain 5 pounds!

Also because I was so small in school, I didn't feel athletic. I always wanted to be, but I felt I wasn't big enough, strong enough, not enough something.

For the past ten-ish years I've been interested in running. Because its a personal challenge. Its a PB thing. Its not against anyone else. Its just about moving myself forward. So a few years ago I bought some running shoes, yea...for real, I said years ago. And I would walk and sometimes jog 2-3 miles per day, I lost 10 pounds and had 10 more to go.

Then happen and a move and I wasn't near my favorite running trail, so I stopped running.

Then more life happened and I read a book called "A Beautiful Offering" by Angela Thomas, Its not about running, its not about running at all, but there is a page or two about it that says:

"It finally dawned on me that I probably won't wake up one day and be a runner. Nothing will happen unless I actually get out there and do what it takes to become one. About a month ago, I started trying. I wish I could tell you that it happened in a matter of weeks. But I am forty, and becoming a runner is going to take a little more time. I walk fast to warm up, run until that side thing is unbearable, walk it out and then run a little more. I feel like such a pansy. But if I give up again, I will still never become a runner. I want to run. I have dreamed that I am a runner all of my life. I could quit, but something inside me doesn't want to this time."

So Thank You Angela Thomas I have my shoes on and I'm trying. I walk when I have to and I'm faster when I can be! :) Even though I am huffing and puffing, tripping and tumbling, I'm moving and I'm not quitting! I am a runner!