Thursday, January 12, 2012

The One Where It's The First Race of 2012

Yeah, Week 1. Although I went right back into my routine December 26th. Last week was really a better gauge for me as far as exercise. Monday I walked on the treadmill and I was within calorie range. Tuesday I went to FitKick and I was within calorie range, but barely because I was starving! Wednesday I ran on the treadmill and I was way under calories! I know that's bad Thursday School was back in session, I went to FitKick and got my butt kicked, it was a hard workout! Again I was way under.... Friday Rest Day, I managed to stay under although I had my usual pre-race meal, In-N-Out Burger! Friday Night I wasn't really nervous. I guess I though I would be or should be because it's the first race of the year. My usual peeps wouldn't be at the race, so I was gonna be alone. Going to Dallas alone sometimes creeps me out. But later that night I learned my oldest was coming to run! WOOT!! Soooo happy he's still running and that we get to run together! I got my race clothes out, a couple of different options depending on the weather. I got my water bottle filled up and ready, I got my sunglasses, my hat, my hair band, my socks, my shoes, my purse, my snacks, made sure my phone was charging, my alarm was set. I went to bed on time, I didn't lolly-gag around. I slept well. I drank a lot of water and herbal tea. The alarm went off, I jumped up, grabbed my pile of clothes and headed to the bathroom to get dressed. All dressed out I made coffee and taped up while it was brewing. Then I made breakfast. Oatmeal with walnuts and protein powder I put all my stuff in a pile on the counter, to be sure not to leave anything. I drank some coffee, made me a to-go cup, stuffed my purse full of my things and headed out. It was foggy. I was hoping it wouldn't be like this all the way to Dallas, and it wasn't! The sun was out it was warming up a bit. I made it to Winfrey Point and still was able to get a good parking place. I went to grab my things and realize two vital things are missing! 1. I didn't grab my water off the counter; and 2. No Headphones!! O M G I was worried about the water because there would only be 2 water stops around the mile point.... and I generally require more water when I run. I drink anywhere from 2-3 cups of water on a 5K run. So that dixie cup was gonna have to carry me through! I know what caused me to leave it. My future DIL left her jacket at my house over Christmas and I stopped to get it....saving me a drive to Denton. :) The Headphones.... Well, in my old car I kept a stash of headphones for talking while driving and for races. I have a new car. It's all technical and I don't need my headphones to use the phone..... so there are no headphones in my glovebox! Another thing I would have liked to have and thought about brining but didn't. Gloves. I'll explain more in a bit. I get out of my car a little disgruntled and head up the hill with the rest of the runners. I get in line to get my number.... the DRC has a new system for tracking and they this is the first run though. There was a long line. But I was in good company with the other runners, we became fast friends as we huddled together waiting our turn! I saw a friend of mine and we chatted, caught up. Then my oldest showed up just as we were getting to the porch and getting our instructions! They announced that they were pushing the race time back to 8:15, which was good cuz runners were still in line. It was gonna be a while before we could get through the line and get our number as well. He needed to get someone out of his car and we headed back down the hill. Got our gear on and ready to head to the start. The sun was out which was nice because i was a little chilly. But Hey, it the Frigid 5K, what did we think the weather should be!? We get there and I'm thinking....did the race start? Where are the runners? They delayed the race to 8:30. We notice this interesting cloud formation, it looks like mountain peeks, we're all discussing how odd it looks but enjoying the sunshine. We all get lined up again, most of the runners are ready to go. They announce we're just about ready, the computers are syncing with the bib tracker thing and we're gonna start!! YAY!! It's about 8:35. And the mountain peaked clouds are now hovering over us, the temperature has dropped about 10 degrees..... the wind off the Yes. This is what they mean by Lake Effect. Something as a Texan I don't have to deal with much. :) Annnnnd they announce the computers have crashed, it will be about 20 more minutes. If we want to have race results we'll have to wait until 9. They ask us if we want to ran anyway, we all cheered!! So they said if you wanted your race results to stick around and wait for a "second start" otherwise 3, 2, 1 GO!! Alex runs much faster than me so I told him "I'll see you at the finish!" My goal I guess was really to run it in under 40. I thought I'd do a bit of a run walk action, but really I had no plan. I know, did I really just say that? I had no plan. As I ran, weaving through some of the runners and walkers to be in the space I wanted to be in, I found that I was pacing really well with a woman about my size. She has a long dark pony tail coming out of her cap, she had a white running jacket on, she had headphones and water! I was matching her step for step. Sometimes in front of her, sometimes behind her, sometimes beside her. We were like a machine. Because I had no headphones, I had no idea what my/our/her pace was, I just kept running. I know I run much faster outdoors than on the treadmill though and was comfortable with this pace. It wasn't too fast or too slow. I decided to keep pace with the runner girl! We made it to the 1/2 mile mark and I wasn't tired and I wasn't feeling like I needed to walk. We made it to the water stop and well I lost her in the crowd, cuz I really needed a drink. Ahhhh the water was so cold and I was warmed up by now. I walked through the stop and drank the water....I didn't swish and spit. I drank it. And kept going..... now her comes the hill, not a giant hill, just steady. I kept looking for my pacer girl but couldn't find her. Bummer. But I just kept going. Listening to the conversations going on around me. I was near two couples who were doing C25K during the race. One who was doing very well, the other ummmm not so much. Which was a little frustrating for me. The woman was running too far ahead of the man, then would stop right in front of me. Clearly someone needs to explain some running etiquette! I made it past them and back to the water, I had a water AND a gatorade cup this time. I was thirsty. I walked thru and back to my comfortable pace. I was practically alone and I heard my run keeper say something. I thought it said 2.90 miles. I kept telling myself just two tenths of a mile to go! I was making good time! Then I saw around the bend this white tent top looking thing in the distance and was thinking, again not much further now, that's the finish! I kept running and running, thinking this is the LONGEST 2/10's of a mile I've ever run, when I see my pacer!! YAY I found her! But she was walking. She looked worn out. I tried to run to catch up to her, but there were too many other people around me to do that. She started running again and I matched her! :) That one couple came by and said to one another, how much longer it this! I said look at my'll say how many miles I've run. She said 3.02! YAY! I said, we're almost done now!! As I said that I look up to see the "tent thing" was an RV! LOL I had a chuckle to myself about it, cuz the tent at the finish is Green!! I'm really close to my pacer as we come across the finish, but I lost her in the crowd, bummer. I see my kiddo and we head to get some water and to buy some shirts!! :) Still I'm not tired. More importantly, I'm not hurting anywhere!! I feel good!! I could have kept running! :) Here are my stats: 3.22 miles 36.33 minutes 11.21 AP 5.28 AMPH Mile 1: 11.19 Mile 2: 11.36 (water stops) Mile 3: 11.11 Mile .22: 11.11 At 3.1 I was at 35.13! WOOT! The timing thing never worked so I have don't know what my official time was. Alex ran it in under 29! We got a snack and some muscle milk and headed back to our cars. He went home to denton and we made plans for next months race! :) I got home just in time to get ready for the scout hiking/service project. There is a great walking/biking trail near our house. It's 6 miles! Ups and downs, great place to run....but I'm a little leery of doing that alone, since is it wooded and secluded. I found my water bottle and packed some snacks for the hike! Went out to pick up trash and get some more exercise in! I went 1.87 miles with the boys, at a Much, MUCH slower pace! Week 1: I lost .80 pounds I ran 13.2 miles I burned 1753 calories I stayed on track nutritionally I read my bible Feeling pretty successful with week 1! Week 2 Sunday is a rest day, Monday I spent the day cleaning the house. After the long school break it was time for me to get things back in order. I mopped, dusted, vacuumed, wiped down baseboards, threw things out, did 3 loads of laundry and made Pad Thai for dinner! YUM-O The kiddo left this morning for 5th grade camp, it's bitter-sweet, Neither parent is with him. This is the first away from home trip he's taken without relatives and without a way to contact us. No electronics. No phones at all. :( We won't see him again until Friday late afternoon. I left the school about 7:20, headed home to get ready for FitKick. I got a good workout, but I still feel like I need something more. Crazy I know, but I'm thinking of hitting the elliptical here in a bit. Or a nap, Or more laundry, or well..... I do have a sink full of dishes to tend to. Better get started! To keep with the thankfulness of last week: 1. For a great run during the race 2. For the rain, we need it desperately 3. For the week (somewhat) off.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The One Where I Make A Better Choice

Ok so as I finished up my yummy healthy lunch, I head back into the kitchen to clean up and see a rolo sitting on the counter. 

I picked it up. Almost thought I'd look up the caloric (non)values and not thing twice about eating it. 

I EVEN unwrapped it. 

I also took it to the trash and thew it out!! 

I'm serious it's garbage day! Garbage (of any kind) doesn't belong in my body. 


I am not a garbage can! 

I love the thing in Pinterst, I've seen lately. 

You are not a dog, STOP rewarding yourself with food! I have to stop doing this. I'll run hard, and think I can "afford" a cookie a scoop of ice cream, whatever. 

I'll have calories left over and think....ooooh I could have _______. 

This HAS to end! And it has to end this year. It started with throwing the rolo in the trash!