Friday, November 16, 2012

The One Where I Have A Weak Butt

Soooo... I've been cleared to run. I've run a few times. I'm still scared but I do it anyway! I'm getting better and faster each time. I went to physical therapy Tuesday. It hurts. But I know it will help me along. I have some mobility but overall I have stiff, tight joints. My Thumb and where my thumb meets my wrist in particular. I'm typing a lot better and I've been driving about a week! WOOT!! 7 weeks out today, I'd say I'm making good progress! He initially said I wouldn't be ready for PT until after thanksgiving. The Therapist was impressed with how much I could move my hand/wrist. And I only have to see him 3 weeks. Oh and the best part is he looked at my hip and discussed how to improve my running! It's not my IT Band..... I actually have a weak butt! I'm not firing my glutes, I'm using other muscle groups. So I need to foam roll...he doesn't care if its trigger point or not. And I need to work my butt! Lunges, Squats....of all kinds. Trying to re-work a schedule to get my runs in and incorporate these exercises too. :) At the end of runs perhaps with more stretching too. My first race back is next week! Turkey Trot!! My first Turkey Trot- EVER! Eeeekkk!!! emoticon emoticon emoticon