Thursday, October 8, 2015

The One Where I Quit Facebook

Yea For Real! That. Just. Happened!

I just quit.

I go through seasons where I Facebook is a distraction for me and I pair down my friends and pages I follow.   But this time, it's something different.

There has been a lot of change in my life this year.  2015 in someways can hurry on by yet move in slow motion at the same time.  It has come with it's fair (way more than fair) share of bad news and tragedy.   I'm ready for a peaceful nights sleep and days that stretch into tomorrow without turmoil.

I realize some of the turmoil for me is Facebook.  Because #people.  Yea, people get on my nerves. Some days I can handle it.  Others I'm melting down like the wicked witch of the west.

What A World!
What A World!
What A World!

Such an occurrence reared it's ugly head last Friday.  Someone tweaked me the wrong way and I lost it.   Just.Lost.It over something trivial.   And isn't it all trivial?

So I decided then and there I was done.  D O N E Done with Facebook.   There was one reason I was continuing with this time suck and that season had run it's course in my life.   I'm turning a page.

Literally, as I'm enrolled in two college courses this semester and quite frankly it's kicking my butt.  My daily schedule has been moved around.  I have my nose to the grind.  I run in the afternoon.  I study until it's time to go to bed.  I need less distraction and more time.

Deactivate.  Done.

I feel so free!! I am not chained to news or silly videos or political debates.  I go about my day screen-less!   It's amazing!

If I want news, Twitter is the place to go.  If I want to keep up with blogs, I go directly to my favorite ones, Pinterest for all things recipes, Instagram for a mental break from algebra!

At first I thought I'd do it for a month, then I thought until the end of the year, then I thought, oh, I'll just get back on and only have my family members so we can keep in touch, but there's the invention of the phone and email, I see no reason for the time suck and distraction.

I think I'm done for the long haul.  Who else has quit or thought about it?